Week 1: (May 1-8) Walking Challenge

8a60110536d8ad9cc5467177822bfadaAnd so it begins … today.. our Walking Challenge!  We’re on our way to walk 160 miles in just 61 days, can we do it? Yes, yes we can! I am REALLY excited about this challenge, I absolutely love walking, it’s my favorite form of cardio and a total stress reliever and it’s even more fun when it’s a challenge!  We will start this first week with 10 miles this week, you can walk, run, jog, hit the treadmill or a walking path- whatever you want to do (feel free to add in extra miles as well) just keep track of your totals.   I love my blog followers and want to encourage you to join us over on the event page so I can get to know you as well! Head on over and post your progress here.



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