Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo Review

How many of you have heard of Influenster? It’s an awesome company that sends you products to review for FREE in exchange for your honest opinion. 

Today’s box included the newest dry shampoo line from Dove. I normally do use another brand of dry shampoo because I wash my hair every other or every 2 days so I love to freshen up by day 2! 

First off, it smells really great, I’m big on scents, so I was happy about that. 😍 It’s very light, it didn’t make hair feel chalky, dirty or heavy (yes, some dry shampoos do that 😩) and it didn’t leave a powder residue everywhere once it was rubbed in. Finally, it gave my fine hair volume! I definitely recommend checking out this product, it has a great price point and can be found in your local stores! 

If you want to join Influenster (don’t worry, it’s free) you can do so here:
🔅All opinions are my own, I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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