My Weight Loss Journey #fitmom

My weight loss journey has been slow…. super slow… I breast fed for 20 months, yep and proud to do so BUT my body would not let go of the weight. So when I finally stopped I still wasn’t losing.. oh yay.. but I did NOT give up, I can officially say in the last month my body has regulated from nursing and my metabolism is back on track and I stepped on the scale this morning to see a number I haven’t saw in a very, very long time. I’m proud of myself, my journey even slow it’s happening, I feel FANTASTIC, I have energy, I workout, I eat right and take some certain amazing health products! So you guys, don’t quit, don’t give up, you got this!! Keep an eye on me because I have some major goals I aim to crush this year!

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Jessica Simpson “The Warm Up” Capris Review


I’m always on the hunt for really great exercise pants, preferably capris. I stumbled upon these on last week and I wanted to try them because obviously they’re cute, I love Jessica Simpson Style and they were on sale, so I ordered two pairs.😍

First off, I love the capris so much but I think they run very small, I normally would wear an XL in workout bottoms as I’m a size 16. I ordered size 3X because I read to size up and I have noticed a trend in designer clothing running smaller. (I probably would have fit in the 2X just fine because they are very stretchy.)

They are very comfortable and stretchy, they move with your body and do not heat you up while you work out, so your legs won’t get super sweaty. 

I wore my colorful purple pair today while working out and I got several compliments on them, I’m telling you, they are really cute! 👌🏻


 They also have a zipper pocket in the back to store your keys or card, it has a reflective stripe above the zipper as well. 

The retail price is $54.00 each but I scored them on sale for $14.97 which I think is a great deal! I highly recommend giving this brand a try, I personally can’t wait to try more of her workout gear, just remember to size up!

*All opinions are my own, I was no way endorsed or paid for this review.

You! #selflove #fitlife


You, yes YOU! Not your neighbor, not your friend, not your sibling… YOU! Get healthy for YOU, be your best for YOU! Do it because you love yourself enough to change! That’s all, no other reason is needed! ❤️

November Water Challenge💦 


If you’re like most people I know you have a hard time getting all of your daily allotment of water in, so, for the month of November I’m doing a challenge to keep us hydrated! 

Did you know you need to drink HALF of your body weight in water every single day to stay hydrated? Yep, so let’s say you weight 150lbs you need to drink 75oz per day! It is completely doable once you get into the habit of it. 
Come join the Challenge, it’s on Facebook in my Health and Fitness Motivation group- you can join us here

5 Ways Your Gut Affects Your Health


Do you know how your gut affects your health?

When people think in terms of health, they often have a misconception on what they should be focusing on. The average person tends to be concerned with the outward appearance of their body while trying to fit into society’s model of what is defined as “healthy.”
The way you look on the outside is actually a direct result of what’s going on inside. And when you think inside, think your gastrointestinal tract—or gut. It’s this intricate ecosystem of bacteria (both good and bad) found in your gut that has the power to control everything else for your body. If there are underlying issues in your gut, then this means there are serious issues affecting your health.

Here’s a list of 5 ways that your gut can affect your health:

1. Digestion
This issue may be more obvious, but when toxins enter your body and are not flushed out properly this results in painful irregularities in your digestive process. After a meal, if you feel bloated, uncomfortable, gassy, or even constipated this should trigger to your mind that there is definitely something wrong with your gut. When your gut is healthy, there should be no interruptions in the digestive process, with smooth elimination.

Painful digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut syndrome (LGS), constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and even gas are all red flags that the balance of good healthy bacteria is suffering inside your gut and desperately needs to be replenished.

2. Vitamin, Mineral & Nutrient Absorption

One of the most important tasks that your digestive system is responsible for is the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your food to keep you healthy and strong. By taking what is needed from your food it turns this into energy and revitalizes your body. But, if your gut is imbalanced and is being served deadly toxins (refined sugars, processed foods, etc.) this results in inefficiencies of epic proportions—which can lead to malnourishment and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.
Crucial vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin K, B12, B7 and Magnesium should have no problem being absorbed through your daily diet. That is, if you are fueling your body with the right foods so that your gut can do its job almost effortlessly.

3. Protection From Infection

Over 75% of your body’s immune system is found in your gut. What this should signal to your brain is, if your gut isn’t healthy, then you are not healthy. When you are suffering from bacterial imbalances and vitamin/mineral depletion, your body will become sick much more easily than it would if you were in good gut health. When we come in contact with infection (like the common cold), our immune system kicks in quickly to combat the risk of infection.
But if our gut isn’t healthy, our immune system struggles to perform at its highest levels and keep us safe. When indigestion is plaguing you on a consistent basis and begins reaching levels of Leaky Gut Syndrome, over time your immune system becomes less effective because it is working too hard trying to correct digestive issues. If you notice that you are consistently under the weather, it’s time to get your gut right, ASAP. Take our gut health assessment and we will tell you how healthy your gut is and give you a step by step plan to heal it!

4. Metabolism and Hunger

The chemical processes in our body that helps us maintain life are referred to as our metabolism. More commonly recognized for how efficiently our bodies convert calories into energy and how many calories our bodies will burn off before we will gain weight. A healthy intestinal tract will be able to process our food much more efficiently and can have a bid impact on our metabolism. Another important function that is linked directly with the gut is our satiety complex—allowing us to feel full when we should.

When our gut is unhealthy and imbalanced you may experience excessive cravings and gnawing hunger that causes you to over eat. When your gut is healthy, these cravings are less frequent and less irrational. And even better, once we have built up the healthy bacteria balance in our bodies we no longer get the urges for sugary sweets. 

5. Our Second Brain 

Did you know our gut is called the “2nd brain?” Our Enteric Nervous System (ENS) is made up of 500 million neurons and is found in the lining of our intestinal walls! Researchers now admit, “gut instincts” are real and our ENS sends signals back and forth to our brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and has been labeled the happy hormone because it regulates our mood and assists with emotional well-being. 95% of our serotonin production takes place in our gut and it is used for many important processes in our bodies.
If your gut is imbalanced and unhealthy, you can experience mood swings, anxiety and even depression! Our second brain may have as much control on our thoughts, feelings and emotions and our first brain! 
By now, it should be clear how important your gut health is. 2000 years ago, Hippocrates, who is recognized as one of the most extraordinary men in the history of medicine said, “All death beings in your gut,” and now thousands of years later, doctors agree! Researchers from Harvard, MIT, Yale and the Mayo Clinic all agree, disease starts in our gut!
Source: Gut Health Project

Coconut Water Benefits & Smoothie

Coconut Water Benefits:

✔️Low in calories 

✔️Fat free

✔Cholesterol free

✔️More potassium than 4 bananas! 

✔️Full of electrolytes 

✔️Pure hydration

Drink it alone or make a smoothie with it and enjoy the benefits!  

Coconut Strawberry Smoothie:

  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries 
  • 1/2-1 tbsp honey 

Blend all ingredients. Makes one serving.